Why Do you need to remove all Facebook friends

Irrelevant information. According to the entrepreneur, the information that “a friend liked” or “a friend commented” on the Internet is completely superfluous. “What does it matter to me that where someone comments, if this is not a post of my real friend or my personal post,” he writes. The feed wiathout friends is not loaded with such messages.
You will no longer be added to groups.Groups on Facebook can be useful if the user knowingly joins them or creates groups of interests. “But what idiot on Facebook HQ came up with that friends can add you not only without permission from you, but also so that you may not know for weeks that you have been in this or that group for a long time?”
Nobody will ever invite you to a new uninteresting page. Everything is clear. If the user has no friends, there will be no one to ask him to see the new page. Post written by CWS
Nobody will invite you to a new viral game. The same is with these invitations: it is impossible to invite a user who is simply not on the Invite Friends list, writes the entrepreneur.
Events that spam you will cease to exist. “Let's be honest! If the event is worthwhile, you will be there. If it's some kind of trash in a coworking space, restaurant or some other institution in your city, then you don't belong there.

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